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Professional Portrait Photography Tips and Career Advice from Jessica St...

LAFS Alumna - Jessica Sterling is a successful portrait and business photographer — in the very competitive Los Angles arena. She sat down with Marc Silber to share knowledge she's gained from photographing stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Jackman and Steven Spielberg. Her work has appeared in MTV, CNN and the Wall Street Journal and she's photographed for brands like DIRECTV, ATT, T Mobile, Avon, and the LA Dodgers.
She gave us her hard won advice for helping people relax and feel comfortable on camera, use of speed lights, and “developing” a shot to get the final image and other valuable tips. She then talked about her passion of helping other photographers advance in their careers.
Jessica brings her engaging blend of energy, humor and a very refreshing outlook to AYP, joining us as a coach sharing her experience and expertise to help you advance your photography to the next level.
Check out her website:
Her equipment: Softlighter
Nikon Speed lights


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