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Disrupt Yourself; Innovate Your Life.

As Bruce Lee used to say "If you always put limits on yourself, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no Limits. There are only Plateaus, and you must not stay there - you must go beyond them." 
This is a podcast about going beyond the limits of today, to inch toward a better tomorrow. It's about recreating ourselves anew, about letting go of the certainty of "arriving" for the journey of growth of always becoming... Always evolving, innovating; disrupting the old, creating the new.
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Below is what will be on the show description:

#102 - On Location: Q&A w/ Mario Novoa Part I

This is Part I of a spirited and intimate conversation with Filmmaker and LAFS Alumni Association Founder & President Mario Novoa. 
I was invited to speak at an intimate event that he hosts for Creative and Filmmakers as part of his LAFSAA.  
We spoke about getting clear on our goals, taking a hard look at our present circumstances as a way to design what we want and don't want; and how to commit and consistently work to inch forward toward that ultimate vision.  
Stay tuned for Part II... 
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