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5 Habits That Make You a Successful Filmmaker

How to become a successful networker in 2 easy steps:
  • Provide unconditional value: People who don’t know how to network think that giving out business cards is networking. You don’t build personal connections that way. You build real connections by providing people with value, unconditionally. If someone needs help with something and if you can solve their problem, and it isn’t going to take a lot of your time, just help them without expecting anything in return. This will make you stick in that person’s mind for a very long time. They will also definitely help you with something you need the minute they get the opportunity to.
  • Become a connector: Successful people are always connecting people to other people. If the person you meet needs help with something, and if you cannot help him but know someone else who can, introduce them to each other. By doing this you have also helped two other people connect. The next time they get the opportunity to introduce you to someone else, they will do the same. When you do this a lot, in due course of time your network will grow exponentially and will definitely give you the push you need in your career.


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